International Bottles Tasting Notes

This year’s selection covers a wide and diverse range of beer styles from German Ockoberfest beers, to Danish IPAs and US Imperial Stouts. As always, we have several fruit beers available which have been compiled into their own individual list. Thanks be to Kellermeister on the High Street, the Newark Real Ale Store, The Crafty Bottle on The Strait, and Small Beer for making this selection possible.


Boon – Oude Geueze – 375ml – 6.0% ABV – £5.00

A traditional unflavoured Lambing Geueze – Light straw in hue and aged for at least two years over Belgian wild yeasts and bretannomyces bacteria. Refreshing, Surprisingly thin bodied and very sour, with pungent notes of champagne and gooseberries.

Chimay – White – 330ml – 8.0% ABV – £4.50

Often overlooked in deference to it’s more widely available siblings, Red and Blue. This is a delicious abbey Tripel with a hoppy kick to compensate for the rich fruity notes in the body of the beer. One to try if you’ve had and enjoyed the others.

Karmeliet – Tripel – 330ml – 8.5% ABV – £4.50

Pale straw coloured and disarmingly light for the alcohol content. Strong estery flavours of bubble gum and dried fruits from the traditional Belgian yeast strains, with a gentle sweet finish.

Verhaeghe – Duchesse de Bourgogne – 330ml – 6.2% – £4.50

A traditional Flemish Red sour ale, brewed with a mix of Saccaromyces yeasts and Bretannomyces strains to create an almost red wine tasting vinous beer that pairs alarmingly well with continental cheeses.

Westmalle – Dubbel – 330ml – 7.0% ABV – £3.50

A classic, multiple award winning Trappist Dubbel. Not as intense as the higher alcohol Tripel style, byt rich in malts, classic Belgian yeast esters and balanced sweetness.


Mikkeller – Draft Bear – 330ml – 8.0% ABV – £5.00

A heavy, kettle and dry hopped take on a Danish pilsner. Sweet at first with notes of grapes and Belgian Candi sugar, but then the bitterness of Amarillo and Cascade hops kicks in…

Mikkeller – Single Hop Citra IPA – 330ml – 6.9% ABV – £4.50

A golden IPA loaded front and back with Citra hops for bitter notes of grapefruit, pine and tropical fruit sweetness – all perched on a solid, malty base.

To Øl – Black Malts and Body Salts – 330ml – 9.9% ABV – £5.00

A heady Espresso-fueled Imperial Black IPA. Rich dark coffee, chocolate and slight smoky notes at first, giving way to an intense bitterness, mingled with grassy and subtle citrus from a loaded hop bill at the end.

To Øl – Hoppy Mondays – 330ml – 6.0% ABV – £4.50

An American style IPA brewed with Equinox hops which are described as more floral and herbal than traditional American IPA hops. This makes for a pleasant, and subtly different drinking experience.

United States of America

Brooklyn – Black Chocolate Stout – 355ml – 10.0% ABV – £5.00

A robust chocolate Imperial stout – Thick, heavy and loaded with bitter chocolate and underlying liquorice notes. A hefty warming sensation from the alcohol on the finish.

Brooklyn – Half Ale – 355ml – 3.4% ABV – £3.00

Described as a ‘Session Saison’ by the brewery itself, this is a surprising blend of hops, subtle yeasty notes and a body that stretches beyond is lighter ABV. A beer with an easy drinking quaffability that will appeal to IPA drinkers who want something lighter.

Left Hand Brewery – Milk Stout – 355ml – 6.0% ABV – £4.00

Rich and sweet, with roasted flavours from the malts, and a soft finish from the added lactose. This is a well balanced milk stout that is sweet and surprisingling drinkable, given the seemingly heavy ABV.