The Beers

Over 100 real ales of many different types and styles, from breweries local and distant, new and old, small and larger, will be available for you to sample at the festival. In order that you may enjoy the beers all the casks are kept under cooling from the time they are delivered and beers are only served when in peak condition.

We realise that pints are not always the  appropriate measure if you wish to sample a number of beers during your visit, so both half and third pint measures will be available.

Cash bar only.

Beer List

BreweryBeerABV %
8 SailRocket Fuel6.9
8 SailRocket to the Moon4.3
AbbeydaleMoonshine4.3 SOLD OUT
AshoverMoscow9.5 SOLD OUT
AxholmeLightning Pale Ale4.3 SOLD OUT
AxholmeRed Ryding5.1
Bad SeedShadow Dance5.0
BatemanDark Mild3.0
BatemanPilgrim Father4.4 SOLD OUT
BinghamsSpace Hoppy5.0
Black HoleRed Dwarf4.5 SOLD OUT
Black HoleUFO3.9
Black SheepHoly Grail4.0 SOLD OUT
Blue MonkeyInfinity IPA4.6 SOLD OUT
Blue MonkeyBG Sipps4.0
BradfieldFarmers Ale3.9
BrewstersHophead3.6 SOLD OUT
Castle RockHarvest Pale3.8 SOLD OUT
Castle RockUmpire Strikes Back4.5
Cat AsylumBlack Cat Stout3.7 SOLD OUT
Cat AsylumPinot Noir Saison5.7 SOLD OUT
CharnwoodSalvation3.8 SOLD OUT
CheddarBedstraw4.4 SOLD OUT
Cheeky ImpEmotional Support Peacock7.2 SOLD OUT
Cheeky ImpLunar Tick3.8 SOLD OUT
Copper HillGolden Ale4.2
Crafty Little BreweryApex Predator3.8 SOLD OUT
Dancing DuckDCUK4.3 SOLD OUT
Dow BridgeBonum Mild3.5
DurhamBlack Bishop4.1
EnefeldEB Bitter4.0
ErrantClever Girl4.1 SOLD OUT
Ferry AlesJust Jane Bitter3.8 SOLD OUT
Green DuckFairground4.5 SOLD OUT
Green JackWaxwing3.9
Green JackOrange Wheat4.2
HigsonsBest Bitter4.1
Hill TopRasputin5.2
HoldensGolden Glow4.4
Hollow StoneKrubera Stout5.2 SOLD OUT
HorncastleOne Step Beyond4.0 SOLD OUT
Isle Of SkyeYoung Pretender4.0 SOLD OUT
JW LeesCosmic3.9 SOLD OUT
Kelham IslandNight Shift4.6 SOLD OUT
Kings Cliffe66 Degrees4.6
Kings Cliffe5c3.8
KirkstallThree Swords4.5
KnopsMusselburgh Broke4.5
LeatherbritchesHairy Helmet4.7
Lincolnshire BrewingGreat Tom3.7 SOLD OUT
Loch LomondBonnie and Blonde4.0 SOLD OUT
MaypoleMonterey Hop3.8 SOLD OUT
MaypoleGhost Train4.7
MilestoneThe Eagle has Landed4.4
Mr GrundysGolden Dawn4.0 SOLD OUT
Newby WykeLusty4.4
Newby WykeEagle & Columbia5.0 SOLD OUT
OakhamThe Experimentals4.4
OakhamBlack Hole Porter5.5
Old DairyRed Top3.8
OldershawHeavenly Blonde3.8 SOLD OUT
Orkney Cliff Edge IPA4.7 SOLD OUT
PennineRhubarb and Ginger4.1 SOLD OUT
PheasantryLight Dragonfly3.9 SOLD OUT
PheasantryMikado Mild5.0
PhoenixPale Moonlight4.2
PhoenixWest Coast IPA4.6 SOLD OUT
PoacherCowley`s Champions4.1 SOLD OUT
PoacherTrembling Rabbit3.4
Purple MooseDark Side of the Moose4.6 SOLD OUT
Red WillowWeightless4.2 SOLD OUT
RoostersCapability Brown4.0
Round CornerLazars4.1
ShipstonesIPA5.5 SOLD OUT
SpringheadChocolate Orange Odyssey4.0 SOLD OUT
SpringheadOutlawed3.8 SOLD OUT
St PetersPlum Porter5.0
Timothy TaylorsHopical Storm4.0
Timothy TaylorsGolden Best3.5
Tiny RebeloPump up the Jam5.0 SOLD OUT
Tiny RebelDutty4.2 SOLD OUT
TitanicWhite Star4.8
Triple FFFMoon Dance4.2
Welbeck AbbeyMay the Forced be With you4.3 SOLD OUT
Welbeck AbbeyWater Meadows4.5
WhimHartington Bitter4.0
Ferry AlesFarmhouse Saison5.0
GregsScampton Ale4.1 SOLD OUT
HawksheadRed4.2 SOLD OUT
MaltStarry Night4.0
WantsumMillers Mirth4.2
WishboneGreen Flute5.0 SOLD OUT

Real Ales in Keykeg

DocksNever Say Die6% SOLD OUT
Hollow StoneWaitomo Pacific Pale4.5% SOLD OUT
Lincolnshire BrewingCheeky Imp4.1% SOLD OUT
Red WillowHersbrucker Pilsner4.6% SOLD OUT
World Beers

All our International beers are chilled as they are in their country of origin. We advise that you will need a pint glass at the international bar due to the traditional continental head on the beers. No bottles will be handed over the bar!

Cider & Perry

Producer Name ABV %
Cock Eyed Cock Bird 5.0
Countryman   6.5
Crossmans   6.0
Dorset Nectar Wild Cat 5.5
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden 5.0
Farmer Jim’s Apple Cider 5.0
Farmer Jim’s Copper Top 7.4
Grumpy John’s   6.0
Gwynt y Ddraig Celtic Warrior 5.5
Gwynt y Ddraig Farmhouse Scrumpy 5.3
Harrow Wood   6.5
Heron Valley   4.5
Lyme Bay Ernie Boy’s Scrumpy 6.0
Moons   6.0
Oliver’s Shezam 6.5
Once upon a Tree Thrown Hat 5.0
Presshead Fire Starter 6.2
Scrumpy Wasp Amnesia 7.2
Skidbrooke Captain Cobbler 6.0
Snailsbank Tumbledown 5.2
Snailsbank Tumbledown 5.2
Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle 7.4
West Milton Starlight 6.0
West Milton Twilight 6.0
Gwynt y DdraigTwo Trees Perry4.5
Newton CourtPanting Partridge5.8
SnailsbankVery Perry5.1