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Over 100 real ales of many different types and styles, from breweries local and distant, new and old, small and larger, will be available for you to sample at the festival. In order that you may enjoy the beers all the casks are kept under cooling from the time they are delivered and beers are only served when in peak condition.

We realise that pints are not always the  appropriate measure if you wish to sample a number of beers during your visit, so both half and third pint measures will be available.

Provisional Beer List

Brewery Beer ABV
8 Sail Doomed Baa 7.3%
8 Sail Little ‘Ale 3.5%
Abbeydale Moonshine 4.3%
Abbeydale Temptation 4.5%
Atom Venturi Effect Stout 5%
Atom Tidal Forces 4.5%
Axholme Cleethorpes Pale Ale 4.2%
Batemans Jewel In The Crown 4.1%
Batemans Dark Fruits Porter 4.4%
Batemans Valiant 4.2%
Beer Ink Et Al 3.8%
Beermats Hazmat 4%
Beermats Matte Black Extra 6.6%
Black Hole Super Nova 4.8%
Black Sheep Refresher 3.9%
Blue Monkey Chocolate Amaretto 4.9%
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2%
Boudicca One For The Woad 4%
Bowlers Rydller 3.7%
Bowlers Rydller 6.4%
Bowlers Sundance 4.5%
Brampton Mild 4.9%
Brewsters Dragons Porter 4.9%
Brewsters Decadence 4.4%
Bruha IPA 5.6%
Brunswick Black Sabbath 6%
Castle Rock In Bloom 4.5%
Castle Rock Majesty 4.3%
Cat Asylum Dark Lager 5.6%
Cat Asylum Blood Orange Sour 4.6%
Dark Tribe Three Point Six 3.6%
Dark Tribe Dark Tribe Mild 3.6%
F.A.B. Hops & Glory 4%
F.A.B. Midnight Phantom 4.5%
Fullers ESB 4.1%
Firebird Heritage 4%
Firehouse Mainwarings Mild 3.9%
Firehouse Lincolnshire Country Bitter 5.1%
Fullers ESB 5.5%
Grainstore Rutland Beast 5.3%
Grainstore Rutland Panther 3.4%
Hopshackle Pale Ale 3.8%
Harveys Sussex Best 4%
Harveys Dark Mild 3%
Hopshackle Old Isaac 7%
Hopshackle Pale Ale 4.3%
Horncastle Rhapsody – A Tribute to our Queen 4.2%
Horncastle Dragons Flame 4.3%
Kelham Island Best Bitter 3.8%
Lincoln Green Decade 5.2%
Lincolnshire Craft Best Bitter 3.7%
Lincolnshire Craft Melton Mild %
Lords Headcleaner Stout 3.9%
Marble Hindmarsh 3.7%
Maypole Platinum Blonde 5%
Maypole Celebration 4%
Milestone Jubilee Ale 5%
Milestone Lions Pride 3.8%
Moor Resonance 4.1%
Nene Valley Mild High Club 3.3%
Neptune Shifting Sands 4.3%
New Bristol Cinder Toffee Stout 4%
Newby Wyke HMS Queen Elizabeth 6%
Newby Wyke Bear Island 4.6%
Nomadic Bandit 4.8%
North Riding Extra Special Mild 5.5%
North Riding Eclipse 4.5%
Nottingham Foundry Mild 4.7%
Orkney Northern Light 4%
Orkney Wave Breaker Blonde 4.3%
Osset/Salopian Hybrid 5%
Pennine Amber Necker 3.8%
Pheasantry Ringneck 4.1%
Pheasantry Celebration Ale 4.7%
Rudgate Ruby Mild 3.7%
Poachers Imp Ale 4.4%
Settle Ribblehead %
Portobello Buckingham Best 4%
Roosters Capability Brown 4%
Rudgate Ruby Mild 4.4%
Settle Ribblehead 3.8%
Shadow Bridge Elvish Fury 4.3%
Shadow Bridge Dragon Slayer 4.1%
Shepherd Neame May Bee 4.3%
Siren Craft Broken Dream 6.5%
Timothy Taylors Golden Best 3.5%
Timothy Taylors Landlord Dark 4.3%
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.6%
Tiny Rebel Supersonic 4%
Twisted Wheel Walking the Dog 5.3%
Vale Best IPA 3.7%
Vocation Pride & Joy 4.8%
Welbeck Abbey Red Feather 3.9%
Welbeck Abbey Skylight 4.4%
Wild Craft Wild Um Bongo Mango 4.1%
Wild Craft Wild Um Bongo Mango 5.8%
Wild Craft Eye PA 3.8%
Xtreme Rhubarb & Custard 6%
Xtreme Pigeon Ale 4.3%
Zest Jubilations 4.3%
Zest Newtons Drop 4.1%

Provisional Craft Ales in Keykeg

Brewery Beer ABV
Abbeydale Restoration ESB 5.2%
Beer Ink Blue Razz 4%
Docks Clap Clap Clap Clap Fish 4.4%
Glen Affric Field of Creams 4.3%
Heist Wild Goose in Action 8.3%

Provisional Cider & Perry

Producer Name ABV
Cock Eyed Cockbird 5%
Countryman   6.5%
Farmer Jim Apple Cider 5%
Farmer Jim Copper Top 7.4%
Hunt’s Hazy Dazy 4.5%
Hunt’s Wobbler 6%
Lyme Bay Ernie Boys Scrumpy 6%
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maidem 5%
Dorset Nectar Top o’the Hill 5.5%
Beard & Sabre Idunn 5%
Burrow Hill   6%
Chant’s Singing Cider 7.5%
Heck’s Farmhouse 6.5%
Heck’s Farmhouse 6.5%
Sheppy’s Farmhouse 6%
Seacider   5.8%
Templar’s Normandy Dry 7%
Snailsbank Orchard 5.2%
Snailsbank Appley Dappley 5.2%
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly 5.2%
Celtic Marches Lily the Pink 4.5%
Barbourne Worcestershire Perry 6%
Heck’s   6.5%
Mr. Whiteheads Midnight Special 5%
Snailsbank Very Perry 5.1%
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