Beers & Ciders

Over 100 real ales of many different types and styles, from breweries local and distant, new and old, small and larger, will be available for you to sample at the festival. In order that you may enjoy the beers all the casks are kept under cooling from the time they are delivered and beers are only served when in peak condition.

We realise that pints are not always the  appropriate measure if you wish to sample a number of beers during your visit, so both half and third pint measures will be available.

Real Ales – Provisional List
8 SailAces High4.8 Sold Out
8 SailDawn Patrol4.4 Sold Out
AmberBarnes Wallis4.1
AxholmeLightning Pale Ale4.3 Sold Out
AxholmeResistance IPA6.0
Bad SeedFull Tilt4.6 Sold Out
Baker's DozenElectric Landlady5.0 Sold Out
Baker's DozenMagic Potion3.8 Sold Out
BatemansCitrus Riot4.3 Sold Out
Black SheepSquare 13.4 Sold Out
Blue MonkeyInfinity IPA4.6 Sold Out
Blue MonkeyBG Sips4.0
BramptonWasp Nest5.0
Brass CastleRhubarb and Custard Mild4.4 Sold Out
Brew YorkTonkoko Milk Stout4.3 Sold Out
BrewstersMango Man Gone4.8
Castle RockHarvest Pale3.8 Sold Out
Castle RockHelen Watts4.2
Cheeky ImpInterceptor EPA4.2
Cheeky ImpLincoln Lad3.8 Sold Out
Church EndGoat's Milk3.8 Sold Out
Coach HouseGunpower Strong Mild3.8
Crouch ValeEssex Boys3.8
Dancing DuckNice Weather4.1
Dancing DuckDCUK4.3 Sold Out
Dark StarHophead3.8
Dunscar BridgeBest Bitter4.1
Electric BearChanging Lanes5.4
ElgoodsBlack Dog3.6 Sold Out
EllandLive and Let Rye5.0
Ferry AlesWe Salute You4.2
Ferry AlesBastion Pale Ale3.9 Sold Out
FirehouseMarsh Mild3.8
FirehouseLincolnshire Country Bitter5.1
FyneAvalanche4.5 Sold Out
Green DuckSupremacy4.5
Green JackRipper8.5 Sold Out
Greg'sDambuster Ale3.8 Sold Out
Greg'sMine Gone3.9 Sold Out
HoldensBlack Country Mild3.7
Hop BackFugglestone4.0
HorncastleBlind Faith4.0 Sold Out
HorncastleTail Gunner4.0 Sold Out
Itchen ValleyNew Hampshire4.3
Kirkby LonsdaleRuskin's3.9
LeedsPale3.8 Sold Out
Lincolnshire BrewingCentennial Flight4.1
Lincolnshire BrewingMedicinal Purposes4.5
Little CrittersNutty Ambassador6.0 Sold Out
MaypoleLittle Weed3.8
MaypoleRAF 1004.3 Sold Out
MilestoneAzacca Gold4.2
MilestoneCentenary Ale4.5
Mr Grundy'sOlive Branch3.9
Mr Grundy's19145.0
NavigationBlack IPA4.8 Sold Out
Newby WykeCock N Ale4.0 Sold Out
Newby WykeMighty Mo5.2
NottinghamExtra Pale Ale4.2
OakhamMandarina Bavaria4.0
OakhamScarlet Macaw4.4
OldershawMiss Red4.4
OldershawSunny Daze4.0
PartnersTabatha6.0 Sold Out
PheasantryBlue Steel Vulcan Ale5.0 Sold Out
PheasantryMikado Mild5.0
PhoenixMonkeytown Mild3.9
PoachersWembley Winners4.4
PoachersRock Ape3.8
RawBaby Ghost IPA3.9 Sold Out
Red WillowSmokeless5.7
RedemptionRock the Kazbek4.0
SalopianDivine Comedy3.9
SalopianMidnight Express4.7
SaltaireSouth Island3.5
SkinnersHops & Honey4.0 Sold Out
Slightly FoxedBlonde3.8
Sonnet 43Abolition3.8 Sold Out
SpringheadBlind Tiger4.5
Three DaggersDaggers Edge4.7
Tickety BrewPlug Riot3.6
Timothy Taylor'sBoltmaker4.0 Sold Out
Tiny RebelStay Puft5.2 Sold Out
Tiny RebelCwtch4.6
TitanicCappuccino Stout4.5
TringMansion Mild3.7
Upham1st Drop4.2
WaenPamplemousse4.2 Sold Out
Welbeck AbbeyThe Governor5.5 Sold Out
Welbeck AbbeyTom`s Firey Fox4.8
WolfBattle of Britain3.9 Sold Out
Woodforde'sNorfolk Nog4.6
Cider – Provisional List
+ 3 extras not listed below
Abrahall'sThundering Molly5.2
BarbourneSweet Kernel4.5 Sold Out
Cock EyedCock Bird5 Sold Out
Dorset NectarDabinett5.5 Sold Out
Dorset NectarSweet Maiden5 Sold Out
Green ValleyFarm Cider5.5 Sold Out
Grumpy John's6 Sold Out
Gwynt y DdraigHappy Daze4.5 Sold Out
Gwynt y DdraigPyder6 Sold Out
Haywood Farm6 Sold Out
Heck's6.5 Sold Out
Lyme BayErnie Boys Scrumpy6 Sold Out
Millwhite'sRioja Cask6.7 Sold Out
Once upon a treeThrown Hat5 Sold Out
Newton CourtGasping Goose5.8 Sold Out
PressheadCrazy Diamond6.8 Sold Out
Scrumpy WaspAmnesia7.2 Sold Out
Snails BankTumbledown5.2 Sold Out
Snails BankApply Dappley5.2 Sold Out
Thirsty Farmer5.5 Sold Out
Thistly CrossJaggy Thistle7.4 Sold Out
Weston'sFamily Reserve5
Perry – Provisional List
Farmer Jim's4.5 Sold Out
Mr. Whitehead'sMidnight Special5 Sold Out
Newton CourtPanting Partridge5.8 Sold Out
Oliver's6 Sold Out
Snails BankVery Perry5.1 Sold Out
Weston'sCountry Perry4.5
International beers

All our International beers are chilled as they are in their country of origin. We advise that you will need a pint glass at the international bar due to the traditional continental head on the beers. No bottles will be handed over the bar!