Beer Festival 2014 Photos

Message from the Beer Festival organiser: Another tremendously successful festival. To see thousands of people enjoying a great time makes all the hard work by our volunteers worthwhile. Many thanks to all you festival goers – we’ll see you again next year.

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Festival Feedback

“Helping the public find their perfect pints at ?#?LCBF2014 last night. Great fun! Massive thanks to Aaron and the rest of the CAMRA volunteers for making us feel so welcome and being such fun to work with.” – Light & Hoppy Bar Co.

“Expirienced my first @Lincoln_CAMRA beer festival last night. Why the hell I waited so long is beyond me. Won’t be missing another…!!” – @kevrichardson82

“Thankyou to all the volunteers @Lincoln_CAMRA Beer Festival, came from Derby to try this festival, well worth it! #lcbf2014” – @AndySavage1969

“Best beer for me @Lincoln_CAMRA Beer Fest would be @Springhead1 Outlawed. Great slightly malted very hoppy summer dark blonde” – @skeltontopper

“@Lincoln_CAMRA well that were cracking evening at #lcbf2014 cheers” – @BozzerHogshead

“Wish we could have stayed at @Lincoln_CAMRA beer fest longer, but inevitably more orders came in. Finished 2030 #bakholidayweekend” – @MikeObrewer

“A(nother) day off to partake in what is becoming an annual tradition – Lincoln beer festival. #Hic” @MrChipMurphy

“I recommend @Lincoln_CAMRA’s beer festival this weekend. There is a great selection of beers and cider to sample this year. #LoveLincoln” – @GoonerGalGem

“Been to the Lincoln Beer Festival three years running now and it hasn’t failed to impress.” – @Paige Adams

“I would like another beer festival, @Lincoln_CAMRA. One a year isn’t enough! :p” – @lincolnpubgeek

“@Lincoln_CAMRA My first visit to LBF. last Fri. Thanks for enjoyable time” – @colincricket