At Your Local – Beers & Ciders

Here are the beers and ciders that pubs intend to have available over the Bank Holiday weekend, May 28-31.

A good selection of beers to tempt you to visit the pubs. Some local ales, some old favourites and some new or more unusual for the area.

Additional beers and ciders will be listed as we hear from more pubs or we get updates.

All will be subject to availability.

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– has maps if you’re not sure where to find the pubs.

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Cider and Perry

ProducerLocationCider/PerryABV %Available At
BroadoakClutton, NE SomersetPurple Haze4.0Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
Celtic TigerFrome, SomersetOrange and Pineapple4.0Birdcage, Lincoln
Lilley’sFrome, SomersetMango4.0Birdcage, Lincoln
Lilley’sFrome, SomersetRhubarb4.0Birdcage, Lincoln
Lilley’sFrome, SomersetMerry Monkey medium scrumpy4.5Birdcage, Lincoln
Lilley’sFrome, SomersetSunset Medium sweet6.0Birdcage, Lincoln
SeaciderDitchling Common, SussexBakewell Tart4.0Birdcage, Lincoln
TauntonSomersetMedium4.0Tiny Tavern, Lincoln

Cask Real Ale

BreweryLocationBeerABV %Available At
4T'sWarrington, CheshireGeronimo4.2Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
4T'sWarrington, CheshireHop Monster4.2Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
AbbeydaleSheffield, South YorksDeception4.1Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
AdnamsSouthwold, SuffolkGhost Ship4.5Bentley's Bar, Lincoln
Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
AshoverClay Cross, DerbyVanilla Stout6.4Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
BatemansWainfleet, LincsXB3.7Dog & Bone, Lincoln
Victoria, Lincoln
BatemansWainfleet, LincsXXB4.8Dog & Bone, Lincoln
Black SheepMasham, North YorksBest Bitter3.8Bentley's Bar, Lincoln
Brass CastleMalton, North YorksMisfit4.3BeerHeadZ, Lincoln
BrewstersGrantham, LincsDecadence4.4Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
Castle RockNottinghamHarvest Pale3.8Morning Star, Lincoln
Golden Eagle, Lincoln
Adam & Eve, Lincoln
Castle RockNottinghamSipa Simcoe4.3Golden Eagle, Lincoln
Ferry AleFiskerton, LincsMosquito3.9Royal William IV
Ferry AlesFiskerton, LincsPush the Envelope4.1Duke William,Lincoln
Ferry AlesFiskerton, LincsDuke Ale?Duke William,Lincoln
HorncastleHorncastle, LincsWilliam Marshal IPA4.3Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
JenningsCumbriaCumberland Ale4.0Magna Carta, Lincoln
Kelham IslandSheffield, South YorksPale Rider5.2Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
LeatherbritchesSmisby, DerbysHop Tropic4.2Joiners Arms, Lincoln
Lincolnshire CraftBarnetby, LincsCardinal’s Ale4.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
Lincolnshire CraftBarnetby, LincsLincoln Gold4.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
MagpieNottinghamFive For Silver3.9Joiners Arms, Lincoln
MallinsonsHuddersfield, West YorksAmarillo4.2BeerHeadZ, Lincoln
MarstonsBurton upon Trent, StaffsPedigree4.2Lion & Snake, Lincoln
Magna Carta, Lincoln
MilestoneCromwell, NottsNew World Pale Ale3.9Birdcage, Lincoln
MorelandBury St Edmunds, SuffolkOld Speckled Hen4.4Adam & Eve, Lincoln
North RidingScarborough, North YorksSticklebract4.5Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
OakhamPeterborough, CambsCitra4.2Dog & Bone, Lincoln
Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
Golden Eagle, Lincoln
Victoria, Lincoln
OssettOssett, West YorksYorkshire Blonde3.9Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
OssettOssett, West YorksWhite Rat4.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
OssettOssett, West YorksVoodoo5.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
PheasantryEast Markham, NottsBest Bitter3.8Golden Eagle, Lincoln
Royal William IV
PheasantryEast Markham, NottsBlack Pheasant4.2Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
Golden Eagle, Lincoln
PheasantryEast Markham, NottsExcitra4.5Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
PheasantryEast Markham, NottsDancing Dragonfly5.0Morning Star, Lincoln
PurityGreat Alne, WarwicksMad Goose4.2Prince of Wales, Lincoln
PurityGreat Alne, WarwicksPure UBU4.5Prince of Wales, Lincoln
Rooster’sHarrogate, North YorksGolden State4.3BeerHeadZ, Lincoln
Rooster’sHarrogate, North YorksTropical Assassin6.1Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
RudgateTockwith, YorksBattleaxe4.2Royal William IV
RudgateTockwith, YorksYork Chocolate Stout5.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
SalopianShrewsburyLemon Dream4.5Royal William IV
Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
Sharp’sCornwallDoom Bar4.0Morning Star, Lincoln
Birdcage, Lincoln
Stag's Head, Lincoln
Sharp’sCornwallSea Fury5.0Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
Small World BeersShelley, West YorksBarncliffe Bitter3.7Tiny Tavern, Lincoln
Small World BeersShelley, West YorksThunderbridge Stout5.2Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
St AustellSt Austell, CornwallTribute4.2Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
St AustellSt Austell, CornwallProper Job4.5Birdcage, Lincoln
Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
TheakstonMasham, North YorksSummit4.2Stag's Head, Lincoln
ThornbridgeBakewell, DerbysAstryd3.8Golden Eagle, Lincoln
ThornbridgeBakewell, DerbysMarket Porter4.5Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
ThornbridgeBakewell, DerbysOtters Tears6.0Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
Timothy TaylorKeighley, West YorksBoltmaker4.0Morning Star, Lincoln
Timothy TaylorKeighley, West YorksLandlord4.3Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
Adam & Eve, Lincoln
Duke William, Lincoln
Prince of Wales, Lincoln
Victoria, Lincoln
WeatheroakStudley, WarwicksVictoria Works4.2Joiners Arms, Lincoln
Welbeck AbbeyWelbeck, NottsHenrietta3.6Bentley's Bar, Lincoln
Welbeck AbbeyWelbeck, NottsBreaking Bread5.1Birdcage, Lincoln
Welbeck AbbeyWelbeck, NottsSuper Cavendish6.0Strugglers Inn, Lincoln
Wild ChildeLeeds, West YorksAtmospheric Refraction4.5Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
Wild Childe Leeds, West YorksBrownie Hunter4.9Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
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