Lincoln Beer Festival Needs You!

Planning is well underway for this years Lincoln Beer Festival. It’s shaping up to be another great event, but as usual we can not run it without your help!

Jobs include; getting people admitted into the festival, dispensing glasses to thirsty attendees, serving on one of our three bars, assisting the volunteering team, selling products at our CAMRA shop & signing up new members to the campaign on our membership stand. No experience? Don’t worry! Our core team of volunteers are happy to show you the ropes.

Benefits of working include;

    • Free Refreshments
    • Free Beer
    • Food Subsidy

(Terms & conditions apply)

Any time you can spare is much appreciated be it one shift, one day or more!

Please visit Lincoln Beer Festival Volunteering for the volunteering form.

Volunteers needed on the following days on the following areas, these are the times of the day we need people, you do not have to do a full 12 hours, any time you can offer in any of the following areas is much appreciated, be it 3/4 hours or more!

UPDATED 21/05/17

    Thursday 25th May

Door; 20:00-24:00 2 volunteers

Glasses; 20:00-24:00 3 volunteers


    Friday 26th May

Ale Bar; 18:00-19:00 1 Volunteer  19:00-22:00 4 volunteers 22:00-close 6 Volunteers

Imported Bar; 17:00-18:00 1 volunteer 18:00-24:00 2 Volunteers

Cider Bar 15:00-17:00 1 volunteer

Glasses; 12:00-16:00 1 Volunteer



    Saturday 27th May

Ale Bar; 18:00-23:00 7/8 volunteers

Imported Bar; 12:00-16:00 1 volunteer

Cider Bar 18:00-24:00 1 volunteer

Door; 12:00-13:00 2 volunteers

Glasses; 12:00-13:00 1 volunteer, 18:00-24:00 1 volunteer