30 years of good beer at the Vic

The 2014 edition of CAMRA’s “Good Beer Guide” sees the 30th consecutive
appearance of Lincoln’s Victoria. The local CAMRA branch has presented a
certificate to the pub to mark the achievement.

Nestling in the shadow of the castle walls, the Vic has two small rooms and
a heated outdoor seating area. Batemans XB, Yella Belly Gold and Castle
Rock Harvest Pale are regular beers, along with up to four guests plus a
real cider and a perry.

Tony Eastwood, founder of drinks wholesaler Small Beer Ltd, bought the
Victoria from Whitbread and, after extensive structural work, it reopened in
December 1983. As a free house, it was an instant hit with the growing
number of real-ale enthusiasts in Lincoln, and it was included in the “Good
Beer Guide” for the first time in the 1985 edition.

In 1998, when Small Beer decided to concentrate on the wholesaling side of
the business, they sold their three pubs to the Tynemill pub group.
Tynemill was founded in 1977 by former CAMRA national chairman Chris Holmes,
who went on to set up Castle Rock Brewery. In 2007, the Vic was transferred
to Batemans in a deal that saw Nottingham’s Lincolnshire Poacher move to

Throughout all the changes of ownership, the beer quality has remained high.
This is thanks to the efforts of manager and cellar keeper, Neil Renshaw,
who has worked at the pub for 25 years.

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